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As the impact of climate change becomes more acute the call to do something about it are likely to grow ever louder. One of the most effective ways that governments and businesses can incentivise decarbonisation is by putting a price on carbon. I call it ‘The Currency of Decarbonisation’.

Governments are gradually following Europe’s and launching their own carbon trading schemes. Meanwhile, businesses looking to meet their net-zero commitments are turning to the non-compliance market to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

As investors become educated in the opportunities available attention will inevitably turn to how we use that edge as other carbon markets develop. Carbon represents an asset market in its own right, and as it’s price increases it will begin to affect a broader part of the economy. This includes commodities, industries and economies - some negatively, but some will benefit too.

Carbon Risk is the only newsletter dedicated to carbon markets - helping investors navigate 'The Currency of Decarbonisation'!

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Carbon Risk
Carbon is an emerging asset class, but what is it?
“The best performing commodity in the world.” This is how most media stories about carbon markets start off, at least in recent years. Carbon, lumped together as part of the commodity markets. But is that really the right way to be thinking about carbon markets? And if not a commodity, then what is it? Is it even an entirely new asset class…
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Carbon Risk
The great sulphur dioxide allowance bull market
The EU’s carbon market was not the worlds first cap-and-trade system to tackle a serious environmental problem. That honour goes to the United States sulphur dioxide (SO2) allowance trading system. Flue gas emissions from coal-fired power generation released huge quantities of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions high into the atmos…
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Carbon Risk
'Greenflationary' expectations
The lumpy, unpredictable nature of climate change and the transition towards zero carbon is likely to mean that inflation will be higher, and more volatile in the future. Much of this inflationary pressure relates to the impact that climate shocks have on the supply of essential commodities, especially agricultural and energy. However, the transition to…
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Who is Peter Sainsbury?

My name is Peter Sainsbury and I’m a full-time Substack writer and the founder of Carbon Risk.

Across two decades I have spent most of my career working in commodity and environmental markets. Before launching Carbon Risk in November 2021 I was chief economist at a global environmental NGO called WRAP.

My role was to help governments and other clients understand the market dynamics in secondary commodity markets, work on the economics underpinning various resource policies and tradeable environmental markets, and deliver the economic insights necessary for other parts of WRAP to maximise their impact.

I am also the author of four books that cover topics as diverse as commodity markets, and the perils of forecasting, betting on motor racing and being a smarter media consumer. If you’d like to check them out they are available in Kindle, paperback and audio versions on Amazon.

Writing is one of my passions, especially when I can focus on markets and economics. The process of writing and editing helps to clarify my thinking. That process has been helpful to me in the past, and I want to share that clarity of thinking with my subscribers.

You can check out more on my LinkedIn profile and you can follow me on Twitter @PeterSainsbury7 and @CarbonRisk_

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Where else can you find me?

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What else can Carbon Risk offer?

If you like Carbon Risk then you might be interested in me writing an article or other content for your company. I have written for a number of organisations, delivering both bylined and white label content.

If you are interested in finding out more please email sainsburypeter@hotmail.com.

Carbon Risk is the only newsletter dedicated to carbon markets - helping investors navigate ‘The Currency of Decarbonisation’!